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In the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, analytical instrumentation plays an important role. Density meter, polarimeters, oxidation stability tester for shelf-life determination, and modified atmosphere testers for packaging all are valuable tools.


Used for characterization testing in research and development

Identity testing, purity control and concentration determination of raw materials, semi-finished products, and end products.

Pharmaceutical Testing

  • Sterility Testing

  • Characterization Tests in R&D

  • Identity Tests

  • Purity Control

  • Concentration Determination (Raw Materials, Semi-Finished Products, & End Products)

  • Water Analysis

  • Environmental Monitoring & Identification

Pharmaceutical Products

Chinchilla Scientific Provides the latest in Pharmaceutical Testing Equipment and Supply. We understand the changing market and therefore, provide Pharmaceutical Laboratories with innovative products and solutions.

By identifying both the chemical and structural composition of each individual substance, pharmaceutical testing labs can: Ensure that all medications adhere to top quality, safety and performance requirements. Reveal possible contamination from any source by testing for extractables and leachables.


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