Green Nitrate Method

USEPA approved “green” method available for nitrate analysis

Green Nitrate Method

This technology is the only USEPA approved “green” method available for nitrate analysis


Nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon are essential to living organisms.  Various forms of these elements such as nitrate, ammonia, orthophosphate, and organic carbon are routinely analyzed to measure water quality. Excellent analytical instrumentation for compliance monitoring, and water nutrient research is vital.

Food & Beverage

Chinchilla Scientific offers a variety of products for performing food and beverage testing. We also offer wide range of equipment for raw and processed products, such as, fiber determination, sample preparation, incubation, inoculation, and automated colony counting.


The agricultural products community requires quantitative and quality testing of grains,
feed, forage, oils, tobacco and other raw and finished products. High-quality control
standards for the production of animal feeds and the demands of food producers require
fast, accurate, and reliable analytical instrumentation.


Chemical, petrochemical, automotive and aviation industries, manufacturers of aromas, fragrances and essential oils, universities, research and private testing laboratories all use some form of analytical instrumentation. 

Applications & Methods

Chinchilla Scientific has an advanced applications team which has developed a comprehensive list of USEPA approved methods. Our methods follow the strict guidelines as required by the USEPA, Standard Methods, AOAC, and ISO standards.

Service & Support

Our factory-trained and certified service technicians are strategically located worldwide to perform service at a local level. We believe that customer service and support is essential; therefore, we are committed to developing strong relationships with our customers.

Chinchilla Scientific is a privately held company, with a focus on servicing, and distributing analytical instrumentation to the water, environmental, beverage, and industrial markets worldwide.

Our mission is to provide quality instrumentation at a reasonable price, with excellent customer service and support that enhances laboratory productivity and is easy to use.

Along with stocking a full line of spare parts and consumables, we have put into place several programs to aid in technical and customer support – a loaner repair program, scientific equipment repair, service agreements, and our instrument and technician re-certification programs. Chinchilla Scientific also has a powerful applications laboratory that can evaluate and develop new customer methods and applications.