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Nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon are essential to living organisms. Various forms of these elements such as nitrate, ammonia, orthophosphate, and organic carbon are routinely analyzed to measure water quality.


Perform multiple parameters without operator intervention

Reduces labor cost. Easy to use. Requires no specific experience.

The Clean Water Act (CWA)

The USEPA established the
Clean Water Act (CWA) with the primary objective of restoring and maintaining the
chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the nation’s waters.


The amount of pollutants discharged into the nations waterways by municipalities and industry are
regulated under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program. Countries throughout the world have similar programs to protect water resources and many programs are modeled after the USEPA and CWA.

Why is this Important?

Large amounts of nutrients can have
adverse effects on water by causing excessive growth of aquatic plants and
microorganisms resulting in oxygen depletion, fish kills, unpleasant odors and tastes of drinking water, as well as, other unintended consequences. Therefore, high
quality analytical instrumentation for compliance monitoring, and water nutrient research is vital.

Green Nitrate

Non-hazardous alternative
method for Nitrate analysis

Discrete Analyzer

Quickly and accurately test beer, wine and foods. Perform multiple parameters without operator intervention

Block Digesters

Efficient and reliable –
faster heating than conventional Kjeldahl


Precise Nitrogen & Protein
analysis in a flash

Kjeldahl Distillation

Easier analysis. Separate
nitrogen from the digested
mixture by steam distilling


Test the efficiency of flocculation or precipitation agents

Gas Generators

Safe, cost-effective &
convenient—Generate gas

Syringe Filters & Paper

Fast and efficient filtration
of aqueous and organic


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