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Sterility Testing

This method involves passing a quantity of drug product through two canisters, each housing a filter designed to retain microorganisms. This is followed by a rinse to ensure no drug product remains on the filter, as that can potentially inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

Characterization Tests in R&D

Characterization testing is used to gain an understanding of the physical and chemical properties of pharmaceutical materials. During process and drug development, these properties can have an impact on the product’s performance, ability to be processed, stability and appearance.

Gas Analyzer

Identity Tests

The purpose of identification testing is to verify the identity of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) on the pharmaceutical tablet. The identification test will be able to discriminate between compounds of nearly related structures that are probably present.

Purity Control

The use of purity analysis within pharmaceuticals is imperative to pinpoint the presence or identity of any impurities within a sample. Impurities are any components not defined as active substances or excipients of a particular product. Impurities arise from the sources of starting materials and their contaminants.

Concentration Determination (Raw Materials, Semi-Finished Products, & End Products)

These include powders and liquids from different sources, such as plants, animals, minerals and chemical compounds. The type of material needed for a particular drug depends on its purpose. Most chemicals that form part of medications are derived from petroleum or natural gas deposits.

Gas Analyzer

Water Analysis

Water designated for use in injectable products requires this testing to ensure the source water is not adding particulate matter into the final product that could be introduced intravenously. Antimicrobial agents testing demonstrates the effectiveness of antimicrobial protection.

Environmental Monitoring & Identification

What is environmental monitoring in pharmaceuticals? In microbiology and pharmaceutical development, environmental monitoring (EM) is a process that determines the quality of a controlled environment via microbial data collection.


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