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Chemical, petrochemical, automotive and aviation industries, manufacturers of aromas, fragrances and essential oils, universities, research and private testing laboratories all use some form of analytical instrumentation. 


Characterization testing in R&D, identity testing, purity control and concentration determination of materials,

…semi-finished products and end products, and tracking of chemical processes during production are just a few aspects of industrial testing.

Industrial Testing

  • Chemical Manufacturing Testing

  • Plating Testing

  • Petrochemical Testing

  • Water Treatment Testing

  • Wastewater Testing

  • Drinking Water Testing

Industrial Products

Chinchilla Scientific Provides the latest in Industrial Testing Equipment and Supply. We understand the changing market and therefore, provide Industrial Laboratories with innovative products and solutions.

While varied, industrial applications all share a common thread of safety, standard method compliance, and quality assurance. Streamlining testing in industrial manufacturing processes from chemical manufacturing to monitoring effluent streams, facilitates you becoming industry leaders that can guarantee usability, accuracy, and excellence.


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