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Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are crucial for plant growth and development. Know as nutrients, the available amount of these elements in the soil affects the quality of crops. The agricultural products community requires quantitative and quality testing of grains, feed, forage, oils, tobacco and other raw and finished products.


A better way to perform wet chemistry. Flexibility. Accuracy. Speed all in one.

Unlike conventional discrete analyzers, the Simplicity has been specifically designed to meet USEPA methods and detection limits.

Green Nitrate

Non-hazardous alternative
method for Nitrate analysis

Discrete Analyzer

Quickly and accurately test beer, wine and foods. Perform multiple parameters without operator intervention

Ultra Cold Freezers

Ultra Cold Storage -86C & -60C 

Compact -86C undercounter freezers in different sizes unparalleled on the global market

Syringe Filters

Filtration Technology – 13mm, 13mm Sterile, 25mm, & 25mm Sterile Filters. 

Abluo Supreme 

Filtration Techology – 25mm Syringe Filter designed to enable easy filtration of hard-to-filter samples larger than 10ml.

SEPARA – Press & Go

Filtration Technology – Replaces the Ring Vial Syringe Filter for fast and easy results


Accurate pipetting utalizing Oxford Benchmate Electronic Pipettes, 384 Pipettes, Benchmate Light, Accupet Pro, and EVO Pipettes

Pipette Tips

Chinchilla Scienctific provides a wide variety of pipette tips and consumables. For quality and accurate pipetting ultalize the recycleble 384 tips .

CAPP Products

CAPP offers eco-pipetting with quality and durable products. Explore CAPP Pipettes, Tips, and Equipment with Chinchilla Scienctific.

Oxford Equipment

Chinchilla Scienctific provides a wide variety of quality equipment: Centrifuges, Oxford Centrifuge Tubes, Magnetic Stirrers, Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers, and Vortex Mixers.


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