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Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are crucial for plant growth and development. Know as nutrients, the available amount of these elements in the soil affects the quality of crops. The agricultural products community requires quantitative and quality testing of grains, feed, forage, oils, tobacco and other raw and finished products.


A better way to perform wet chemistry. Flexibility. Accuracy. Speed all in one.

Unlike conventional discrete analyzers, the Simplicity has been specifically designed to meet USEPA methods and detection limits.

Agricultural Testing

  • Soil Testing

  • Grain Testing

  • PFAS Testing

  • Feed Testing

  • Forage Testing

  • Oils Testing

  • Tobacco Testing

Agricultural Products

Chinchilla Scientific Provides the latest in Agricultural Testing Equipment and Supply. We understand the changing market and therefore, provide Agricultural Laboratories with innovative products and solutions.

Agriculture takes on many forms, from the home gardener to commercial greenhouses, though they all have a common thread; they sustain the world. An ever-growing population means demand for food has never been higher. Testing, monitoring and adjusting growth parameters helps to maximize efficiency, quality, and yield.


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