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Microbiological Monitor 56MM NC 0.45 White 50/pk

Monitor 56MM NC 0.45 White 50/pk
Microbiological Monitors are single use, pre-sterilized 100 mL filtering and culturing device with fixed Nitrocellulose membrane. For monitoring contaminants in liquid samples. After sample is filtered, nutrient liquid media is added and the unit is converted into a Petri dish for culturing.

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A complete system solution for liquid sample preparation with measured filter funnel, base, pad, membrane, removable lid and plug.

Analytical Funnel: The membrane can be removed and transferred to a Petri dish.

Microbiological Monitor: The membrane is fixed to the unit.

Single use, pre-sterilized filtering units with welded fixed membranes and culturing devices 47 mm or 56 mm Nitrocellulose Membrane, sterile, for faster flow rates.

With no need for flaming or sterilization, GVS monitors cut multiple steps out of the testing process, saving your lab up to 70% in preparation time.

These ready-to-use 100 ml units are suited for monitoring contaminants in all types of samples, from raw materials to finished products.

Microbiological analysis of

Potable water

Beer and wine

Waste water

Dairy products

Soft drinks

Other Liquid samples

Material (Membrane) Nitrocellulose
Sterility Sterile
Grid Color White/Black Grid
Size (Metric) Grid 56mm
Quantity 50
0.45 μm
Type Monitor
Diameter (Metric) 56 mm
Autoclavable Autoclavable

Rapid testing: With no need to sterilize funnels or filter base between samples, testing time can be reduced by up to 70%

No flaming required: Combined filtration unit minimizes the risk of cross-contamination

All-in-one system: Filtration unit easily converts to a Petri dish, which can be labeled and incubated for culturing

Reduced contamination: Single-use materials virtually eliminate cross-contamination between funnel and membrane

Reproducible results: All-in-one filtration unit reduces the chance of external error

Easy handling: Ready-to-use, pre-sterilized monitors are simple to use

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