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Abluo Supreme PVDF 0.45 um Syringe Filter 25mm – Box 500

Abluo Supreme Syringe Filter 25mm, FLL/MLS – PVDF 0.45um Box 500
Multilayers Syringe filters including graded pre-filters for filtering larger sample volumes quickly.
Excellent solution for filtering samples with high particulate content.
Designed to enable easy filtration of hard-to-filter samples larger than 10ml.

For Purchasing: Abluo Supreme Syringe Filters (chinchillalife.com)

Easily separate sediment and grit from samples.

Two layers of pre-filter allow for the use of less force, making filtration faster and easier for lab technicians.

Ensuring high-quality filtration by supporting viscous and heaviest sediment filtration, resulting in a pure sample every time.

A full portfolio of products with various pore sizes, sterility options, and membranes are available.

One ABLUO® SUPREME in the place of 3 (or more) standard syringe filters.

By using the ABLUO® SUPREME, you reduce the use of plastic.

Sterile Filtration and Clarification

Analytical Sample Prep, uHPLC

Cell Culture

Protein Chemistry

Filtration of Aqueous and Alcohol Solutions

IC Chromatography

Membrane diameter (mm) 25
Box quantity 500
Effective Filtration Area 4.63cm2
Housing Diameter (mm) 30
Housing Materials Clear Polypropylene
Maximum Operating Temperature 90°c / 194°f
Maximum Operating Pressure 75 psi
Shelf Life (normal conditions) 3 years
Pore Size (µm) 0.45
Membrane PVDF
Membrane Diameter 25mm
Housing Diameter 30mm
Housing Material Clear Polypropylene
Maximum Operating Temperature 90°C
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