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Indoor Verticle Farming
State-of-the-art controlled environment chambers for Leafy Greens or Cannabis production using hydroponic irrigation and LED lighting. Our FitoClima Production Rooms provide precise control over temperature, humidity, light, CO2 levels, air circulation, fertigation, filtration, and disinfection. This innovative agricultural paradigm enables the production of fresh vegetables and medical plants free from pesticides or herbicides anywhere in the world.

Aralab’s FitoClima Production Rooms provide precise control over temperature, light, humidity, and airflow, ensuring optimal growth conditions for a wide range of plant species, from leafy greens to cannabis. Our innovative technology enables the production of fresh, pesticide-free vegetables anywhere in the world.



Temperature range: 15ºC to 30ºC [other ranges possible]
Humidity range: 40% rH to 80% rH
Several Growth modules on each side of the chamber
Each growth module with 4 tiers/levels: 3 with light control + 1 without light

Growth height per tier of approximately 250mm

CO2 control

HEPA filtration and positive/negative pressure

High ventilation capacity with adjustable air flow speed

Performances and configurations can be adjusted to meet other requirements.

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