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Environmental Rooms with multi-tier growth modules for indoor plant growth. With independent light control on each tier, allow the recreation of numerous environmental conditions with high precision and reproducibility.

Growth rooms with sizes from 5,000 liters of internal volume, up to 25,000 liters, specially designed for biotechnology research.
With total control and great homogeneity of all environmental conditions, these chambers can recreate temperature, light, humidity, CO2, and even simulate wind, in order to replicate all the conditions the research might require.
Easily programmable via an easy-to-use color touch-screen controller, allowing simulation of day-night cycles, seasons of the year, and any complex environmental conditions.

Model Number


Interior dimensions (a x l x p) (mm) Multiple dimensions available, with volumes ranging from 5m³ to 25m³. Bespoke rooms can also be designed.
Temperature range

5 to 45ºc (Lights On)

0 to 45ºc (Lights Off)

Uniformity (ºc)

+/- 1ºC

Humidity range (lights on / off)

40 to 80% rH (Lights On)

40 to 90% rH (Lights Off)

Uniformity (%)

“+/- 2% RH


Multiple options, from 200 to 650 umoles/m2s at plant level

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