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For plants that require high light intensity and need increased growth height. In these HP chambers, the entire ceiling of the chamber is used as a light source to simulate the sun, and the lights are separated from the plant growth area by a clear glass barrier with it’s own cooling system, thus ensuring stable environmental conditions inside.

Controlled Environment Rooms with dimensions ranging from 10.000 liters of internal volume and up to custom-designed projects. These chambers are differ from regular growth rooms by their lighting performance, reaching +1.000 umoles/m2/s at 1 meter (3.3 feet) from the ceiling, as well as wide environmental ranges and precision.
With great control and uniformity of climatic conditions, these chambers can recreate temperature, light, humidity, CO2, and even wind, in order to simulate all the “real” field-like conditions researchers might require.

Model Number


Interior dimensions (H x W x D) (mm) Multiple dimensions available, and bespoke rooms also possible
Internal volumes (liters) With volumes from 10m³ to 28m³, or custom designs
Temperature range

5 to 45ºc

0 to 45ºc
Negative ranges also possible

Uniformity (ºC) +/- 1ºC
Humidity range (lights on / off)

40 to 80% rH (lights on)

40 to 90% rH (lights off)

Uniformity (%) “+/- 2,5% rH

+1.000 umoles/m2s at 1 meter from the light

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