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FITOCLIMA 600 + 1200
Environmental simulation Plant Growth chambers with ‘reach-in’ dimensions, developed for the various fields in Biotechnology and plant research. With exceptional temperature, humidity, air flow and photo-period control and a wide range of options, they are adaptable to virtually any research scenario.

FITOCLIMA 600 & 1200

The range of Aralab BIO reach-in chambers offer optimal environmental control for the many branches of plant research or insect rearing. With multiple lighting and shelving options, they can be used for almost any research application.

The new ClimaPlus touch-screen controller is easily programmable, enabling the simulation of dusk and dawn, day or night cycles, clouding, dewing, or rigorously simulating any environmental conditions necessary for your research.

Model Number


600 & 1200

Interior dimensions (H x W x D) (mm)

FitoClima 600: 1340 x 600 x 660

FitoClima 1200: 1340 x 1320 x 660

Exterior dimensions (H x W x D) (mm)

FitoClima 600: 1980 x 730 x 920

FitoClima 1200: 1980 x 1450 x 810

Internal volumes (liters) Close to 600 and 1200
Temperature range

-5 to 45ºc (Lights Off)

+5 to 45ºc (Lights On)

Temperature Uniformity (ºc) +/- 1ºc
Humidity range

40% to 80% rH (Lights On)

40% to 90% rH (Lights Off)

Humidity Uniformity (%) “+/- 2% rh (Lights Off)
Lighting Multiple options, from 200 to +2.000 µmol m-2 s-1

FitoClima 600: up to 4 shelves with light control

FitoClima 1200: up to 8 shelves with light control

Electrical connection

Single phase. Available with all regional electrical requirements

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