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Oxidation Stability Tester



OXITEST – Determination of the oxidation stability of foods, oils, and fats – Analysis on whole sample, without preliminary fat separation. Chemical reactions occurring between atmospheric oxygen and sensitive components of raw materials or finished products are some of the most important causes of product degradation. Fat oxidation is recognized as one of the main factors affecting sample shelf-life, even for low fat products, causing product rancidity by the formation of off-flavors due to aliphatic aldehydes or other volatile compounds. Therefore, the oxidation stability is one of the most important characteristics to be evaluated during product development and quality control.

The OXITEST is the perfect response for accelerated oxidation stability tests, both on raw materials and finished products, without the need for any preliminary fat separation. It can test the oxidation stability on various sample types, being the optimal solution especially designed for R&D, Product Development and Quality Control labs in food,
cosmetic, and petrochemical industries.

Multiple Applications
 Prediction of the oxidative stability during shelf-life studies
 Tests the product at defined time intervals; builds an experimental curve.

 Evaluation of the adequacy of storage conditions.

 Evaluation of the best packaging solution.
 Comparison of the oxidative stability of different formulas for food preparations.
 Evaluation of the oxidative stability of vegetable oils of different botanical origin.
 Evaluation of the effectiveness of antioxidants.
 Information on product oxidation when the oxidation flex is not visible.
 Especially useful for products with a low fat content (4-5%).
 Product oxidation can be achieved by combining the OXITEST with GC.
 Oxidative stability test of incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products.
Simple & Safe Operation
 Intuitive OXISoft™ software – easy to learn and use.
 Overpressure safety valve.
 Alarms for damaged probe and out-of-range temperature.
 Choice of language for the management software.
Maximum Productivity
 No sample preparation – works on the whole sample (fat included).
 Twin chambers for duplicate or parallel analysis.
 Manage up to 4 OXITESTs with the same software.
Versatile Data Handling
 Data recordable in a database.
 Test comparison available with data overlays.
 Data exporting via USB to pen drive or PC.
 Output in .xls, .txt and .csv format to match reporting systems.
Robust Design
 Indestructible titanium sample holders and chambers.
 Hermetic, sealed closure of the chambers.